A new sense of pleasure with the World Master Power Stroke Masturbator

There is a reason that the Master Stroke masturbator is increasing in popularity and it does not appear to be stopping anytime soon. The reason for it is the immaculate design and the tremendous motion that comes along with the Master Stroke masturbator. Once you slip into that tight entry point you are going to love the powerful thrusting motion. This is without a doubt one of the best male vibrating pocket pussy masturbator on the market

The most pleasure imaginable

Of course, any male sex toy has to be an improvement over what men can do themselves. In that department, the Master Stroke masturbator does not disappoint. It comes with a a noduled internal sleeve for maximum stimulation, two entry sleeves (both vaginal and anal), multi-speed controls, and two rows of thrusting and stroking beads. Add in the fact that it comes with free batteries and we have ourselves a tremendous product here.

More to offer

Once you enter, you can feel the exceptionally life-like, ultra soft opening but will immediately notice how powerful this little device can be. It provides the ultimate in pleasure because of the stimulation. It is hygienically superior, easy to store, and comes with a convenient lid.

Worth The Spend?

The intense vigorous motion surrounding your shaft is already worth the price alone. While it may not have the fancy advertising or a pornstar on the box, anyone who would dismiss this tremendous toy is doing themselves a tremendous disservice. If you are ok with something that does not have all that marketing behind it but is looking for a toy that is going to rock your world, you have found it right here. Once you slip inside there is a chance that you will never want anything else again.

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  • multi-speed controls
  • a noduled internal sleeve
  • maximum stimulation
  • two entry sleeves
  • two rows of thrusting and stroking beads

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5 Star Rating: Recommended
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